Red Wine told you so…..

On a recent 8hour flight I came across a gentleman in his twenties who seemed to really be taking advantage of our selection of red wines that we have on board. Ten minutes after his first small bottle he requested another. He quickly finished this and followed it with another ten minutes later, and so this continued for the next hour or so. I watched him drag himself up from his seat falling over his own feet as he did so and tumble towards the lavatory. He stared hungrily at every woman under the age of 50years with uncomfortable lust, … Continue reading Red Wine told you so…..

Female Captain

Today I received a round of applause from a group of passengers listening to this conversation. Male Passenger: Excuse me , is that a FEMALE Captain that made the PA? (Sounding utterly disgusted) Me: Yes, it is. we find that we tend to arrive earlier with female captains. Male Passenger: (extremely loudly) Oh do they get priority then? Probably because they can’t park the plane. *chuckle chuckle* Me: No Sir, they ask for directions! And……. Queue the applause! Continue reading Female Captain

True story that happened to me a few months ago.

Tonight I met the most amazing 5-year old on my flight who had recently finished treatment for leukemia but was still very unwell. After I looked after him, helped his mother to change his clothes and wash him down he came to see me in the galley where a gentleman was a little unhappy with the choice of vodka on board was abruptly telling me how grey goose was the best. 5 year old Aaron tugged on his shirt and the gentleman knelt down beside him.  Aaron looked straight in his eyes and said “Hey Mister, don’t be rude to … Continue reading True story that happened to me a few months ago.

What’s the difference between God and a Captain?

There is an old joke…… What is the difference between God and a Captain? God doesn’t think he’s a Captain After years of flying I can certainly see where this joke comes from. Ok…………. So I don’t fully believe that my Captain thinks that he’s god. Maybe just a uniformed version of Surya, the Hindi Sun God. The Golden Warrior arriving on a chariot pulled by seven white horses. Or in my case a tanned dweeb arriving in a huge metal dildo guided by four huge engines. Switching religions I would like to draw your attention to the Catholic tradition … Continue reading What’s the difference between God and a Captain?