Red Wine told you so…..

On a recent 8hour flight I came across a gentleman in his twenties who seemed to really be taking advantage of our selection of red wines that we have on board. Ten minutes after his first small bottle he requested another. He quickly finished this and followed it with another ten minutes later, and so this continued for the next hour or so.

I watched him drag himself up from his seat falling over his own feet as he did so and tumble towards the lavatory.

He stared hungrily at every woman under the age of 50years with uncomfortable lust, mumbling something in his native tongue as each one passed.

Starting to feel a little concerned about the level of alcohol my new friend had consumed, I addressed the cabin manager explaining how much the gentleman had had to drink and his inability to walk to the lavatory barely unassisted.

Feeling a little harassed and under pressure managing a busy flight she dismissed my worries and told me to continue serving him without even going to have a look at the gentleman to observe for herself that he was passed the point of no return and truly on his way to becoming a drunken pain in the ass.

Half way through the flight my drunken friend had consumed over ten miniature bottles of red wine and was no longer able to make it to the toilet unassisted. On his return to his seat he drunkenly mistook a well-groomed diva’s seat for his own and started to shout at her in his native tongue.

I quickly leaped to action guiding my drunken mess back to his seat and fastening his seat belt.  I again addressed my concerns to the cabin manager who again dismissed me as being overly worried. I decided that I could no longer serve this gentleman anymore alcohol for fear that he could seriously injure himself or cause problems to the other passengers or the crew and informed the cabin manager that if he wanted another drink then she would have to serve him.

She decided to serve him another three drinks before he passed out into a drunken slumber no longer bothering the other passengers, well other than his snoring.

As the plane was landing and I was seated in my jump seat prepared to land, the drunken passenger stood and tried to stagger to the lavatory. I let out a shout ordering him to sit down in which he did as he was told and lowered his head,

As the plane touched down and taxied towards the terminal the gentleman once again tried to stand and stumble towards the lavatory. Again I commanded him to take his seat and wait.

When the plane came to a full stop my red wine stood up clutching his mouth and made a run for the lavatory. Standing in his way was the well-groomed diva he had had the earlier altercation with, putting on her very expensive looking, beautiful white coat. As she stood there thanking me for the service throughout the flight, the drunken idiot ran up towards her and vomited red wine drenching her beautiful white coat back.

Hmmmm.  Told you so,


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