Welcome On Board

I’m Cabin Crew Sue and I will be your Purser today.

May I see your Boarding Ass please?

During Boarding
During Boarding

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9 thoughts on “Welcome On Board

  1. Hi Sue

    My name is Claire Oakley and I am a researcher based in the UK and am researching for a film. I am looking for stories about flight attendants going beyond the call of duty for passengers and I came across your blog and thought you’d be a great person to contact.

    I have found a few stories online that are just the kind of thing we are looking – one about an attendant who saved a couple’s wedding by agreeing to be their witness, and another about an attendant holding a plane so a passenger could go see his dying mother.

    I wonder if you have any, or whether you have heard any rumours of other heart-warming stories where attendants have saved the day or touched someone in some way, however small it may seem?

    If anything at all pops to mind I’d love to hear them and can easily Skype or message or whatever is easier. Sadly this job is a very quick turnaround and I have only been given 24 hours for it so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any stories.

    Thanks and hope you don’t mind me contacting you out of the blue so to speak!

    Best wishes,


    C L A I R E O A K L E Y

    1. Hi Claire

      I do not arrive home for another 24 hours as I am on duty.

      I have some lovely stories but is this too late?

      Good luck researching…..


  2. Hi Sue,

    I see you’ve already had requests for stories! I write for sensanostra.com, an online magazine based in Berlin and aimed at delivering a cross section of human experience. Your blog is fantastic and I would love to speak to you more about life as a cabin crew.

    I tend to interview over Skype, so if you would be interested, please do fire me an email and I can arrange an interview whenever is most convenient.


    1. Hi Laura. I have not been updating the site lately. Which will change next week. I will be updating it regularly. I am available on skype at lollie087

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