Where am I going??

Where am I going?

Oh god I hate standby!


You literally spend hours checking your phone to make sure that it hasn’t turned itself off or the battery has gone flat.  And even though its been in your hand for the last four hours, you check to make sure that it hasn’t rung and you’ve not heard the call.

So during my recent standby, I received  a telephone call telling me that I was going to Venice.  Ok then, fantastic!  I enjoy Venice, I was looking forward to the trip!

So I showed up with my fellow colleagues to our pre-flight meeting and followed our usual routine.

We were on board the plane and I greeted the passengers in Italian as I always like to greet our passengers with the language of the destination that we are travelling too.

“Ciao, come stai!!” I love greeting people in other languages. I feel so sophisticated, especially in such a beautiful language as Italian.

When all the passengers were on the plane our Captain made a PA welcoming all of our passengers first in English and then…….. in GERMAN.  I was so confused! I turned to my colleagues and said out loud “why is the Captain making a PA in German?”

With great amusement my colleagues turned to me and said “Because we’re going to Vienna!”



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