Steamy Gossip!

During a recent layover in Australia I had decided that I would meet friends whilst I was there.

Being the money-savy lady that I am, my cellphone does not work outside of my home counrty.  So my girlfriend said she would call me in my hotel room when I landed to arrange our plans for the evening.

On arriving to the hotel I began my usual de-air hostessing routine of turning on the shower, unclipping my too tight hair and removing my make up when the telephone started to ring.

My girlfriend explained to me that she would be picking me up in a few hours, however she had urgent gossip that could not wait until tonight.

Whilst we screamed and giggled on the phone whilst all I was wearing was a towel loosely wrapped around me.  When there was an urgent knock on the door, immediately followed by the hotel manager and two other male employees flinging open the door. shouting and holding up fire extinguishers like some sort of police bust in a drugs den.

It turns out that the steam from the shower I had switched on before the phone rang had set off the smoke alarm system alerting the reception who were not able to contact me as I had been enjoying my urgent gossip!



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