What it takes to be flight attendant’s a.k.a my boyfriend!

Here are FEW things you have to put through. And that’s why they say we jet setters are the Top 3 Most Spoiled boyfriends in the World. 

  1. DO NOT be surprised if I want you to take several shots of vaccines: Hepa B, Hepa A, Meningitis, Yellow Fever etc. etc.
  2. Stay away when my roster comes out . Worst time if I got a lot of domestic short haul turnaround flights (no lay overs) 
  3. BE grateful of my smile. You get it for free 😀
  4. DO give importance to time !!!!! , preferably Military time. 21:16 is NEVER the same as 21:17 :))
  5. DO NOT wake me up when I’m sleeping, even if you wonder “ I must be hungry after sleeping 19 hours already!” Again, LET me wake up by myself.
  6. DO NOT expect me to remember names of your friends in one sitting.
  7. Do not get intimidated by the beautiful men around me, chances are I’m already used of seeing hotness in form. Those men have lost their beauty. 🙂
  8. DO NOT call me  on the phone when I am on Call Out Standby. DO NOT… ever. =))
  9. Do Not remove any clothes you think is too much in my suitcase, remember: I have four sets of outfit in my suitcase: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Fall.
  10. !!! Very important !! Remind me which country I am in first thing when I wake up in the morning . I m serious !!! :)))
  11. During dinner, when I ask you whether you like chicken or beef… Oboohooy! you better think fast ! !!! 😐
  12. Work your muscle for a trip together, you’ll be carrying at least four baggages for me. A Gucci toiletery bag, a Paul Smith, a World Traveller Trolley, and a Burberry Laptop bag at least for a Domestic Flight.

 Well as you can see Cabin Crew’s life is not easy at all but if u really love me get ready for this !! 😛

Given to me by an absolutely awesome CabinCrewSue friend …..


4 thoughts on “What it takes to be flight attendant’s a.k.a my boyfriend!

  1. apologies Tin, maybe private message next time?
    It was sent to me by a friend who writes for a magazine and I had presumed that it was his!
    So to Tin and everyone else my sincere apologies for the confusion.

    Keep Calm! Eat the f*cking chicken

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