Quite often we …

Quite often we have extra fuel in the airplane and we have to “dump” fuel and for those of you that dont know the way that this is done is by the fuel being released in a spray-like manner from a nozzle on the wing.

Last week I was walking through the cabin when a well dressed american woman with immaculate hair and make up raises her hand and says to me “Excuse me Miss, excuuuuuuse me” I lean across and answer “Yes Madam. How can I help?” to which she answers “Your plane is ejaculating!” 

At this point I choke on the air, try to comprehend the words that I have just heard and ask the women “Sorry can you repeat that?”

Again, she looks at me with a deadpan look, points to the wing outside the window and says “As I tooooooold you, your plane is ejaculating!”

Obviously she was referring to the fuel “dumping”!!!!


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