Toilet Trauma in China


Last night I had a friend of mine over for dinner who is also a air hostess and she told me a story that was just too funny not to share with you all.

Recently she had been rostered a trip to China and when she checked what other crew members were on the flight she realised that there was a first officer that she secretly fancied on the flight too.

Deciding that this would be her opportunity to get him to notice her she decided to pack a sexy casual outfit (white skinny jeans and a sexy little top) and a killer pair of heels as she is only small and this first officer is very tall.

So when the crew landed a few of them decided that they would visit a bar not too far from the hotel for a few drinks and a dance!  So with all of them there, having a few drinks, she was showing off all her sexy moves on the dance floor.  It seemed to be working well as the object of her affection was taking interest and dancing sexily close to her.  Smelling her neck and telling her how wonderful her perfume was.  There was some serious flirting happening here.

As the songs and drinks passed she decided that she needed to use the toilet.  Now for those of you that have never used a toilet in China before, let me explain that the toilet bowl is a porcelain hole, sunk into the floor as shown in the picture above.

She went into the cubicle and tried to lock the door behind her although the lock was not fixed to the door properly she decided that she could no longer hold it and decided to risk it.  So squatting down, she used the toilet carefully not to mark her pristine white jeans when to drunken, local, chinese girls burst into the cubicle causing her to lose her footing and somehow manage to end up with one foot inside of the toilet and her bottom on top of her leg.

Needless to say that her lovely white jeans were covered in urine.

The two drunken girls giggled and quickly fled the scene of urine embarassment leaving my friend the in a state of shock and mortification.

To make matters worse, she had twisted her ankle and was unable to walk unassisted.

So with her head hung low she hobbled out of the toilet back to the bar with the assistance of two of the bars employees to where the rest of the crew were dancing.

She spent the rest of the night in a chinese hospital waiting to have her foot x-rayed, smelling like a back street pub urinal with two very embarassed other crew members.

As you can guess…. the first officer did not ask for her number!


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