Fainting at 40000ft

The worst thing about flights longer than ten hours is we usually have at least one person faint due to dehydration, hypoxia, not moving around for long periods of time or sometimes more serious problems.

We’re trained to deal with such cases and have medical equipment on board to help us with this. So we dont usually panic and tend to switch into autopilot when dealing with these cases.

Recently I was operating on a 14 hour flight when around hour 9 of the flight I saw a gentleman stand from his seat and stagger towards me uneasily. As
I was close to the toilet I stepped forward and held the gentleman under the arms to help guide him to the door so that when he fainted he would not injure himself when he fainted.

As I predicted the gentleman swayed in my arms, reached forward and grabbed hold of my blouse whilst falling to the floor.

reacting as we’ve been trained I picked up the interphone and asked the crew for more assistance, moved the gentleman into the recovery position, switched on an oxygen bottle and placed the mask over his face.

Feeling pretty good about myself for acting so professionally and quickly infront of approximately 100 other passengers I asserted my authority and asked the other passengers to stand back and give him some space.

Wow, I felt like superwoman with all the passengers staring at me with awe! Wow I rock!

My bubble quickly burst when the purser arrived to provide back up medical assistance, leant in closely to my ear and said “Well done Sue, quick thinking, but please can you pull your bra back up to cover your breasts and do up your blouse!”

When the gentleman had fainted he had grabbed hold of my blouse and bra. Other passengers had tried to tell me after I had applied the oxygen but I was too full of myself telling them to give him space!

The passenger made a speedy recovery however, my ego did not!



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