Lizard in my Room!

Earlier in the year I was in a hotel in Indonesia and had spotted a smallish gheko in my room when I checked in.  During my teenage years I had dated a guy who used to keep lizards and knew that this little gheko would cause no harm so decided I would capture him and release him onto the hotel balcony.

For 45 minutes I climbed, I dived, I smashed two of the hotel glasses and laddered my stockings trying to catch this little bast/lizz-ard with no luck, so eventually I decided I would phone the hotel Reception and ask for help.

This is how my conversation went:

Reception: Good Evening Reception, how may I help?

Me: hello, could you please send someone to get a lizard out of my room?

Reception: But madam, he is harmless!

Me (sweaty and p*ssed off): I don’t care, I don’t go to his room!
Surely they’ll get rid of him knowing I’m p*ssed off

Reception: obviously not madam, he wouldn’t be there, he’s in your room!

Hmmmmmmmmm……… who said only English can do sarcasm!


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