The KL Flasher!

Not so long ago I was in Kuala Lumpar which is a destination I love to visit however, after this trip I hope I don’t have to return for quite some time.

When we arrived the crew decided to meet later in the evening for dinner however, I was starving and decided to order room service to keep away the belly rumbles!

When I called to order the Receptionist told me that the order would take 30minutes as they were busy. Grasping the opportunity I decided to have a shower and then once I had finished the food would be due. Perfect timing, perfect thinking huh?

15minutes later I step out of the shower refreshed and soaking wet, when the door bell rings.  Quickly wrapping a towel around me I answer the door to the porter with my food delivery. Wow, that was quick.  I stood to one side and let him pass by with the tray.

He handed me the receipt to sign and I reached out to take it forgetting that my hands are already busy holdinng my towel up.  As my towel falls the the floor, leaving me as naked as the day I was born, full frontal before the porter he grabs the unsigned receipt from the floor and runs out the door.

Should I be offended that he didnt seem particulary impressed by the view??



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