Female Pilots

I have just returned from Morocoo yesterday which is quite a Muslim country where they can sometimes think of the women as inferior.

Funnily, our first officer was a female. During boarding the door to the flight deck is often open and this time was no different. I was at the very front of the plane assisting an older Moroccon gentleman onto the plane who had walking difficulties when he looked into the flight deck and spotted our female first officer.

Well, this gentlemans face dropped and he turmed a strange shade of grey. He had stopped walking and I leant into him and asked him ‘Is everything ok sir?’ to which he responded ‘Is that a woman in the flight deck?’ ‘yes sir, it is’ I responded just about to tell him that she was one of the pilots when he shrugged his shoulders, carried on walking whilst saying at the top of his voice ‘Well, just make sure she doesn’t touch anything in there!’


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